Black Eye Affair is an Americana and alternative music act with pop sensibilities, based in Southern California's Antelope Valley. As the musical vehicle for singer-songwriter Jimmy Long, Black Eye Affair features acoustic guitar driven songs with clever lyrics and catchy melodies. The debut album, Bridges Burned & Other Such Disasters, is available now for digital download or streaming, and on CD and vinyl. Watch here and sign up for the email list to get exclusive previews and show notifications. 

Where Do You Stream? 

If you're like most of the civilized world, you listen to music on a streaming platform mare than any other source. Which do you use? Do you have a favorite? You can find Black Eye Affair on most major streaming services; including Apple Music, and Spotify. The algorithms of these services depend on people liking, sharing, and saving tracks to playlists to determine what music is worth putting in front of new listeners. If you enjoy Bridges Burned and Other Such Disasters, take a moment to show it on these streaming services. Follow or subscribe to Black Eye Affair, then make sure you click "like" on your favorite track. If you take a moment to add a track to a playlist or share it with others, you would be helping build momentum for music that you enjoy and supporting Black Eye Affair in a meaningful way!

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